Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poor kids...in the hands of their parents ;)

Do you remember when you got to the age wishing you could pick out your own clothes?  You just can't believe your mom's making you wear...whatever it is :)  

Poor Emma of course has no way of voicing her opinion (and we kinda like it that way right now) - YET.  When I came across these jammies, I so had to keep them!  They're cassette tapes!  just made me think of growing up.  I loved making tapes.  I'd record stuff off the radio...in high school we went through a phase of just recording our fave 45 seconds of songs for a full tape.  Just enough to get us excited and singing, then it was time for the next song.  

 here's a close up of how some of the labels read :)
and I feel like this expression says it all from Emma's perspective ;)

yeah...I know, she has no clue yet...poor thing :)

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