Monday, November 29, 2010

Another praise!

I know, I know, where are the pics?!  And Emma has definitely grown in the past week!!  I promise to post some by Wednesday :)  

I just had to share another praise, to have you join Tyler and I in praising God for all the blessings we receive.  

OK, so, we have Kaiser insurance through JAMZ.  When I went down to part time, I lost my benes and was added to Tyler's policy (so my coverage didn't skip a beat).  I had already done a ton of research and knew that it was cheaper for me to have my own policy on my own.  It was about $153 cheaper per month :)  HOWEVER...I went part time in March, and was pregnant, so I was declined and had to stay on Tyler's insurance.  

Nothing we could do but pay the monthly fee, and wait until Emma was born for us to be able to go to our original plan.  

She was born, I applied, and I was DENIED.  Boo.  The reasons they gave: 

  1. Hands, Right Shoulder, Knee and Ankle Pain (Raynauds Syndrome)
  2. Low Platelet (Thrombocytopenia)
They gave the option for reassessment, so I wrote a letter.  I hadn't complained about pains and am not being medically treated for my Raynauds with prescriptions.  So that claim was bogus.  My low platelets were while I was pregnant, which is normal.  And now that I'm not, my levels are fine.  And all my levels had been normal prior to the pregnancy.  

They wrote back.  Denied AGAIN.  This time the reasons were: 
  1. abnormal tests (vague, I know, didn't want to TMI :) )
  2. Raynauds Syndrome
This time I didn't have the option of asking for them to reassess, but I wrote another letter anyway.  I was fired up because I felt like they were just browsing my list of medical history and randomly picking reasons to deny me.  Too bad for them that I can track all my visits and info online with dates to argue what's really going on :)... My abnormal tests were followed by 3 normal tests, including a letter from Kaiser saying 'you're good now' (how's that for medical jargon?).  I sent them the copy of the letter I'd gotten from them.  And I reiterated their concerns from Raynauds weren't valid, blah, blah.  

I got a call today, and as long as I can verify that I'm not pregnant (I have to take a prego test in their lab), they will insure me!  And yes, we're pretty positive that's a no-go at this time ;0

So exciting!  What a blessing, we can now save that much money a month and put it towards the long over due car purchase :)  God is so good, all we have to do is trust that He'll provide.  I haven't been let down once!  

AND - be your own advocate!  There are so many times that we're given quick and incorrect responses to things like this, or anything really.  And we just say, 'oh well, it is what it is'....I've always had that attitude.  When you know it's wrong, stand up for yourself!  And if you need help writing letters for this kind of stuff, let me know.  I have lots of experience writing letters to explain facts and points of views :)

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