Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emma dimple update

We had our ultrasound and while the technician is not able to really say anything in concrete, it has to be reviewed by the radiologist for any official word, she showed us there wasn't anything from the spinal cord connected to Emma's dimple.  She also 'educated' me (she was training so I got to hear a little bit between Emma's fit she was throwing...she had to catch her breath sometimes) that dimples associated with Spina Bifida are generally higher on the back; Emma's is much closer to her bottom. 

SO - thank you for your prayers.  God is good and looking out for us with Emma's health :)



Thank you Lord.
Dimples on the butt are cute....on babies anyway.:)

NANI said...

:) funny Connie.
So glad that the answer was nothing to worry about......... :) SO GLAD. Emma is just a little dimple of a girl and she should have cute little dimples on her rear.