Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Emma received su preimera muneca (her first doll) from Tia Amparo - really it says it (in Spanish) on her chest:)  

Emma loves to play with her!  This is her only Mexican/Spanish speaking friend at this time:)  Whenever we play with her, we only speak in Spanish.  Hoping that this way, she'll have reasons to play and use her Spanish...some day...when she starts to talk, of course:)  

Several people have asked if we were going to teach her Spanish.  I thought that was an interesting question.  In my head I think 'of course!, why ya asking?!'.  We want her to speak both well, so yes that would be our goal.  And Tyler's been brushing up on his Spanish for the past 4 years now.  Mainly speaking it with Lita, but he's coming around to speaking it at home too.  He really speaks it better than he gives himself credit.  

ANHOW, here's Emma and her friend!

don't you think the reddish/brown hair from the doll makes emma's hair look reddish brown too?  


NANI said...

She loves her. Picture #2 proves it. :)
so cute.

Aunt Nell said...

Hahaha I agree. My mother in law is soo afraid Sofia isn't going to learn Port...I wish I could tell her STOP WORRYING. She lives in a home where both her parents speak Port non stop...her aunts and uncles and lots of friends speak Port too....Shes gonna learn Spanish and English at school, so shes gonna have it made. STOP WORRYING!!! lol

Jair and I talked a long time ago about teaching our children Port, Eng, some Italian and French (from Jair) and some Spanish and sign language (from me) Our children are really gonna have it made!! :P I wish I had languages when I was a kid....it would SURE come in handy now-a-days!! ;) GO EMMA! Enjoy your new Spanish doll and embracing both cultures and languages!! <3 you guys.