Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daddy's weekend with Emma

It is not often that daddys, are given overnight baby sitting duties.  However, when Connie attended the Women of Fatih Conference over this last weekend thats exactly what happened.  It was her first time away overnight and I, like Charles, was "in-charge".   We had a good time playing, and laughing, and daddy making every sound-effect known to human vocal-chords (see mom and dad, all those sound-effects I made as a kid are now coming in handy!).

She slept 8 hours that night, which has sparked a great sleeping pattern in Emma over the last 3-4 days.  (each with 8+ hours!!!)   Josh and Dani had a vintage window frame sale, and so I got Emma dressed, (with a bow), and took off.  Our first road trip, just Emma and me.  (Editor's note: Connie had pre-picked outfits...need to give her credit).

Emma had a great time with Family, and met some new Uncle's, Aunts, and Cousins that she hadn't met before!  Uncle Mike got to meet her, Aunt Kay, and Josh and Dani!  Cousin Jessica got to hold her, as well as AuntNette, Gma Burton, and both Aunt Kim and Kay!  She was a happy little girl with all of the attention.

Sad, I totally forgot to bring the camera or take any pics.  But they all had theirs out so I know there are a few out there.

Once daddy had his window picked out, and had his free hotdogs, (of which I had 3)...it was off home to nap before heading to a friends 1 year old b-day party.   Emma wasn't happy to be back in the car-seat, so we ended up just dropping off the present.

Then, as Connie will most likely post about, we visited some friends in Tracy.  On the way home, Emma was not happy about having to be in the car-seat again, so we did a mid-way-point by stopping at Grandma Boyds.  Emma ate a little, and then enjoyed being in Grandma Boyd's arms.  Here is a video of her time there, and her "cooing" at GMA.

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oh my dear goodness.
so precious.
am crying.
miss you guys.

NANI said...

SO cute and it is the sweetest thing to see her try so hard to talk to mom. ;0 love it. :)

Aunt Nell said...

adorable. she looks soo much like you, Ty. Im sure she goes back and forth. What a doll. She looks like shes ready to bust out some words!! So sweet. Give her kisses for me. Cant wait to see her in Feb or March!!! beijos (kisses)

NANI said...

I love Daddy day-care too.:) When I was young I liked it when my mom was gone and Dad would cook for us and we had a great time.:) good memories.