Monday, November 1, 2010

So far so good!

Hello.  Dr's appt today went well!  The dimple 'ends' so it isn't like an opening in to her back/bottom or anything like that -so that's a good sign :)  We are going to go in for an ultrasound just to make sure the dimple isn't coming from the spinal cord.  BUT Dr doesn't think it is:)  Just a precaution. 

Praise God!  ...we'll keep praying until that next appointment (not sure when it will be yet, they have to call me to schedule) and will keep ya posted.

By the way - she is now up to 10 pounds even!  Big girl!



Thank you Jesus!
10 pounds???
YAY Emma!
Sleeping through the night????:)

Tyler and Connie Boyd said...

she's been steadily doing 6 hours...we've now had 3 nights of 8 hours so praying that it will continue!! :)