Friday, November 19, 2010

Sharing is caring

So, i'm a little on the nutty side today.  I feel overwhelmed.  I've had 4 little meltdowns to equal my morning breakdown this morning...but at least Emma quit fussing and now she's smiling at me ;)  

After sharing some frustration with a cousin over skype this morning, I was reminded about a little 'trick' I used not too long ago.  And it worked.  Every time I felt frustrated towards a particular situation, I prayed for that person (the situation involved).  I only found myself praying once after that  :) 

Thought I would share that with anyone else who'd like to pray through their frustration, anger, annoyances...whatever your not-so-good feelings are that you're having.

I'm gonna jump back on that 'trick' and Lord please help me!! :)  And whoever reads this, please pray for me.  Thank you.


NANI said...

Will do. :)


pray for me and I'll pray for you!:)

Aunt Nell said...

Thanks for letting me vent a little this morning. I need to use this "trick" alot lately with my MIL....counting down the days till her apartment is done!!! :P But know that I need to pray for her too.

<3 you girl and am praying for you! Sorry for your meltdowns this morning..but some times I realize we just NEED them....cry and then get over it and later things are better ;) Hoping you get to get some rest this weekend and that Emma sleeps peacefully for you!!