Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boyd Cousin BBQ

While Thomas and Steph were in town briefly, we were able to be a little social during that time :)  Sunday evening, Jared & Jess had a few cousins and families over for a little BBQ and a lovely time of fellowship...concluding with some great home videos from when they were kiddos!!  They were great...no pics of that, unfortunately (how strange would that be to take pics of video)...but here was a little bit of the fun evening we were able to capture on our camera.

the littles all sitting on their own, with some occasional assistance from a mommy or daddy ;)

the boys played brothers against brothers in horseshoes.  

...Emma trying to join in the kiddo fun
my ONLY proof that Steph was here ;0  So sorry, sister!

Emma was very independent wanting to play and be with the kids, not so much held back hanging with mom.

So nice when we're all able to get together!!  Hope we can all do it again soon :)

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Aunt Nell said...

awww. How fun. Sad to miss these sweet lil ones growing up and seeing all of you. Looked like a great time. Cant wait to see Jay n Jess backyard when I come in Dec. :) Emma is a doll. Love her hair bows. <3