Monday, October 10, 2011

Tyler's Bday Gift Redeemed!

This year, for Tyler's birthday, I think I won the 'Wife of the Year' award with him.  (I repeat: I think;0) ...and yes, his birthday is in April, so the fact that we're talking about this in October is a little late, but not all my fault!...continue on to the background...

Earlier in the year, there was a groupon for flight lessons at 1/3 of the cost!  He's always talked about how he'd love to fly more and maybe even get his license, so when I saw this come up, I thought that I had to jump on it. This deal allowed for making a dream partially come true at a fraction of the cost.  (if that isn't a marketing quote for groupon, what is?!)

FINALLY...after hanging on to it for a few months, he was ready to redeem!  I don't think that all the pictures or videos in the world can capture the experience for him, but I did take as many of each as I could!  So here are a few to share that fun day.
nervous?  what do you think? 
getting a little instruction
seriously LITTLE - it was like a 3 minute 'lesson' before they took off!

aww...i think I should frame this for him ;0
the last pic i was able to get before they got out of range

here's a vid of the take off.  WARNING: I was the only one there with him, so I was on photo and video partrol=one (still or video camera) must suffer while the other's getting the full attention :)

Here's the landing.  This one's a little more messy of a taping job than the previous - so sorry! 

...glad to be on ground?!  overwhelmed with excitement?! :) 

Note: the 'dream' was flying...a plane...groupon was obviously for a helicopter.  Same difference, right?! :)

So, there you have it, Tyler's best birthday gift ever (yes, I remind him of it often)!  Happy Birthday, Bub!  Can't wait to start shopping for next year ;0



that's so awesome!!!:) I bet you made him super happy! helicopter/airplane:
totally the same.:) what a cool memory.:) love you guys!

Cathy/Nani said...

I didn't know that you really wanted to do this. you crazy guy. :)
So neat and thanks for the pictures. :) Love that son of mine.

Aunt Nell said...

oh my goodness, how cool is that. helicopters are soo much more scarier cause they are so small. (although the one I went on was a lil bigger than this tiny What a great birthday present ;) You are a pretty amazing wife!!!