Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY for some girl time, ladies!

OK, I know that I'm always sharing things from momsbyheart.net, but there's just such great stuff in those emails!  And I'm a sharer, people.  I mean if you, as my friend, were finding neat stuffs, freebies, whatever and were sharing them with me, I'd be super excited.  So I want to share and make other's excited about stuff too ;0

In a recent email, there was a little idea of an easy DIY Christmas gift idea.  Which it most definitely is, and I just may make this my go-to gift for some dear girlies in my life.  
I also was thinking that it'd be a fun treat for a girl night/day/afternoon (anytime, right?!)!  Sit, do a little scrubby-scrub, light some yummy smelling candles, maybe pour a glass of vino or bubbly, have some girl chat time.  I love having beauty treatment night once a week.  Back in the day, Tuesdays I would mask, do a pedicure and polish and watch a movie.  I've been trying to get back on that schedule as of lately...but the fact that I've at least been able to do it a couple of times is sweet enough for me.

ANYWAY, enough about ME!  Here's a link to the 'recipe' for you to make it yourself!  Pretty neat blog!  I so appreciate all these creative ladies that share their ideas with the world!  Thanks much ;0

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Cathy/Nani said...

Have you checked out pinterest.com
I don't really understand the site, but there are some amazing things on there.. I guess once you register, you put up things you love with links to them. Interesting. :)
Love you.