Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Miss Emma at 14 months

Words, outside of photo descriptions (I don't think my wordiness can count as a caption;0), have been scarce lately.  So it goes when I don't have time or brain power to sit and process not only for knowing what's going on with the Boyds (or in my mind;0), but for self reflection.  Sad, huh?  Well, I'll save that for another post.

I am very sad to say that I have not kept up a baby book for my little Em.  I never saw one that I liked (cover) and I liked some fill-ins from one book, and other fill-ins from another book.  SO...I had the splendid idea to create my own.  Yeah.  Great idea, in theory. But since it was all on the computer (idea was to create then make it beautiful and print it out) I have very rarely gotten to it.  After several months, I ended up printing it out to have it out so maybe I'd jot things down.  But, yeah, I wouldn't be sounding so down about it as I write about it had I ever actually filled in some items since said printing.

Bummer.  My runner up idea has been to just utilize the blog to be able to reflect on.  There are programs that create books out of your blog, so maybe someday I'll look in to that option.  If not...yeah...maybe Emma won't care so much that I don't know the exact day she rolled over, ate her first hot dog or said Mama;0  All the experienced mamas of more than one continue to discuss never completing a baby book after child 1, so I guess in essence my subconscious goal may have been to make all children feel equal when it comes to documenting their firsts and significant milestones as children.

See, folks, I have built up words.  Just you wait.  They're squeezing out here and there until I get a chance to get 'em all out.  Just you wait ;0

back to EMMA!!

This little girl is quite a smartie, let me tell you.  I continue to feel she's got her Papa's smarts, and for that I'm ever so excited and grateful!!

New words on her vocab list as of recent:

  • Bye-Bye, accompanied by waving ever so cutely.  Now putting the two together BEFORE guests/daddy leave (as opposed to once they're out of site and can no longer witness such cuteness)
    • she also loves this in the form of an action word, enjoying 'going' bye-bye ;0  LOVES to get in the car and leave with my mom or get outside to go the park, or simply a ride in her red wagon around the park a few times.
  • Baby.  She must point out every baby, including pictures of herself throughout the house.  She just giggles when we try to explain that baby is Emma!  Babies make her smile.
  • Chicken.  Not only can she ask for cheese (which she can eat much of at EACH meal), but she now requests chicken as we walk to the refrigerator.  I might add that she isn't exclusive to chicken.  Girl eats just about anything!
She is walking more and more.  Monday, when we got home from the store, I took her out of her car seat, stood her up and she walked in to the house holding my finger.  OK, assisted walk there, but that just made her seem like such a big girl!

She is now running around the house pushing the little toy with wheels.  

She still prefers crawling and could certainly win a race, if she entered.  She can get to the door in like 10 seconds, when she hears some one's here, or (her fave) when some one's behind her trying to "get her".

Favorite songs:
while she enjoys all music (she will change stations on the radio and proceed to dance whether to country, pop (not that she hears it much), fast or slow songs...her favorites are: Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We just started listening to a video of like 20 nursery rhymes, so I do expect that list to increase;0

  • she LOVES to read!  She's quite the control freak tho, must be in charge of turning the pages, so reader must be alert to what page she wants to be on (for the amount of time she wishes to stay on said page) and read quick until it's time to turn again.
  • enjoys roaming the toy area at the park.  she'll walk and crawl both.  Loves to climb around on the toys/jungle gym and LOVES to go down the slide.  
  • as mentioned above, she loves her time in the wagon.  It's great that we can toss it in to the car and take it with us and she can have a little play area with toys when we're somewhere we don't necessarily want her walking or crawling around.  For now, it's helping contain her in one area for a period of time.
  • Every few days, we bring out the baby crib and all her dolls/stuffed animals and she loves to make the bed and pat the babies to sleep!  She's so cute when she's doing it.  Yesterday, my mom taught her to put the blanket on the baby and hold it.  Oh my goodness.  Such an adorable site!  Will need to try to get a photo of that one.  
  • has a wonderful memory - remembering processes and items we've showed/described to her and acknowledging them.
  • since the start of her walking last Monday, she's been having a hard time settling down for naps.  She'll play in her crib about an hour before knocking out.  but she will knock out, nonetheless ;0 Am Nap generally runs for 2 hours, and afternoon nap is hit and miss.  Sometimes 30/45 minutes, sometimes up to 2 hours.  We expect to get a new normal by the end of next week.
  • At night, she's extended her 10 hour sleep to 11-11 1/2 hours.  Since her afternoon naps are so random, she's usually in the bath 6:30/6:45 and fast asleep no later than 7:30.  Which is awwwsome!  
Additional cuteness:
  • when you ask for a 'bezo' (kiss in Spanish) she has always leaned her forehead to you, so that you may do the honor of kissing her ;0  Since Saturday, little by little she has started placing her lips on yours.  After seeing her do this to a few people this week, just this morning, as Tyler and I were having a moment before he left for work, she came over and tried to get between us and as Tyler backed away, she came forward and kissed me.  It was so sweet, it made me tear.  
  • She loves to call for you when you're not in sight.  Yelling 'mama', 'mom' or 'papa'.
  • she's said grandpa a few times when she sees a picture of my dad (melts my heart!)
  • loves to laugh
  • loves to copy what you're doing (when you're not paying attention to her/she can't tell you're watching)
I think that about sums her up right now.  I understand this may be TMI for some of you ;0  Do like my sister Diana and just scroll posts for pics and disregard words ;0

Hope you have a great day!


Aunt Nell said...

awww its neat to hear how much shes growing for those of us that dont get to see her much! ;) She sounds like shes loving life and learning and growing! :) hehehehe Wish I could come and play with her and see her! Hoping we "run" into you guys in Dec!! Thanks for the post.

Dani F. Boyd said...

Connie! Thanks for the comment. The only pic I didn't take was the first one. My littke brother took that one.

I did get you txt, but my cheap phone doesn't txt and this week has been kind of crazy. Sorry I didn't answer. We will love to have you guys over sometime soon, we will be havina housewar ing thing in a couple of weeks, please come! :)

Also, let's plan on havin dinner together. Email me when and where and we will be there. It could be somewhere in Turlock if you would like. :)