Friday, October 28, 2011

Jayce turns 1

All three little kiddies are a year old now!  Jayce had his birthday on 10/2 and his party the weekend before.  Here are some highlights of his jolly old time!
first, the birthday boy!!

Jayce playing in the jump house
Isaiah running to see Emma
Emma watching from the outside (she was too little to join in the fun)

Emma testing out one of his new toys ;0
Jayce and his daddy trying out another new toy
Jayce and Mama!
Emma learning to whack the pinata
and Isaiah...
Jayce digging in to cake!

the newest member of the Aguirre family, Julius
Emma was going crazy over the balloons!
I know I've been very 'wordy' lately, so thought I'd keep it minimal ;0



do you understand how excited I am for Christmas? I CANNOT WAIT TO HUG THAT SWEET GIRL! ( and her parents too!:)

Aunt Nell said...

awww man. I posted a comment and something went wrong :(

Anyway!! YEAHHH Congrats to the sweet little one year old!! I miss how fun and "relaxed" US birthdays are. Here the 1 year birthday is HUGE and can get very expensive.....not to mention 100 or so people come and they "start" around 8 or 9 and go till 10 or 11. Poor kids are tired yet on a sugar high!! lol Looks like a fun day. They are all so cute! Miss your family. They are soo sweet. Hugs and besos to them!! Ohh and is Emma dressing up this weekend? I love kids costumes. So cute!!

Love you guys!!

Cathy/Nani said...

Julius is adorable. How come we haven't seen baby pictures of him before/? Who's is he?
Very cute.
I have a new screensaver. .. emma, dad and balloon. Sweet.
thanks for the update. Love to know what is up with you all.