Friday, September 30, 2011

Emma's Hair

For those of you that are around Emma, the post title may be a little confusing.  You're thinking, "What hair?" :) Yes, yes, our little Emma hasn't had much action going on in the hair growing area.  Well, she actually did have a couple of areas where it was growing well, but it just wasn't all of her little hairs, so it was starting to look a little funny.
Exhibit A - Emma's patch creating a little mo hawk ;0

...and yes, her hair would get stuck like this every so often...possibly due to daddy playing with it after bedtime and it drying and laying like this all night ;0  

Mexican tradition is that you shave your baby's head - like bic razor shave - and the myth is that the heat created by the friction will stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair regrowth...and as the universal hair myth goes, shaving makes it come back thicker and more coarse.

While some of you may be thinking: there's still time to shave!  Others of you may be glad to know that, while we did have her hairs cut (yep, all of them ;0), we opted not to completely shave, but to just even all the little hairs out.

In Connie fashion, we had someone standing by to document this occasion.  AND...of course, here I am to share some of said photos with you.


this angle makes her look like she had so much!  Thin, but there nonetheless;)

Aren't you glad you get to see all the fun things, big and small, that go on in our family?! :)  Happy Friday, all.


Cathy/Nani said...

Crystal was older than Emma and I was still putting tiny ribbon bows in her hair with karo syrup. ;)
and she has beautiful long and at least used to be very thick hair. :)
IT will come soon. she looks so adorable anyway. :)
she looks like she was crying pretty good while it was happening. : scary noisy thing.


ok. so she and mitch may have different color hair, but they have exactly the same head. he also has 2 cowlicks on the back side of his head, which makes his hair grow in long in the middle. like a mowhawk. She's such a beautiful little girl...and i cannot wait to see her long dark hair with those blue eyes..heart breaker!!!!