Thursday, September 29, 2011


I know many are signed up for Groupon, if so, you've already received your deal for a $35 60 minute massage!  If you haven't seen it yet, click here.

I also found out about Sreamin' Daily Deals recently and found a great one there going on now!  It's $24 for 2 Fandango tix AND a $50 gift card (and just about every restaurant - at least in this area - is a member!!)  Good thing about this one is that since they're both redeemable online, you don't have to be a local to get to purchase!  Click here for info on that one.

if you're not already signed up on ether of these website and would like to help hook a sista up, let me know and i can send you a link where I would benefit by getting $10 credit (either site) for you signing up through me :)

OH and if anyone has ever wondered what  great gift would be for me, I'd so heart a massage...especially if it's a great deal for you and amazing hour of relaxation and pain elimination for me ;0 Ahem...just sayin;)

OK, better get going to make the most of Ms Em's nap!

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