Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marital Bliss

Weddings...aren't they just exciting?!  For me, when I hear of a newly engaged couple, I just get all excited for them and almost re energized around my own marriage.  I heart all things wedding.  Every detail.  I think I could be very happy being a wedding planner...if only we could get people to want to get married M-F between the hours of 10a and 3 pm (so I have time to get ready and do my thing in the am and get home to make dinner ;0)

As you can imagine, having it be a friend or close family member definitely ups the excitement factor.  Just being at a wedding brings you to a new energy around your own marriage, I think.  Thinking back to your special moment, your vows and all the excitement that you lived when you were walking the same road. Getting to help with something like, invites ;0 or a shower...even more exciting!!  icing on the cake?!  BRIDESMAID duties!  Ug...I so heart being a bridesmaid!  Besides the fact that i like to be on the 'in' of anything that's going on ;0  ...I just love being in the inner circle of the excitement and getting to be a part of every moment of the special day...well all the public moments ;0

My heart's cry is a healthy marriage for myself and everyone.  My heart weighs heavy for hurting marriages.  whether there's a fresh hurt, slight disappointments or relationships that are as deep as contemplating divorce or actually walking through it.  I'll leave things there on that one...

With being at the age of more baby showers and kid bdays than weddings, having 2 weddings on our calendar this year has been complete excitement for me :)

Early July, Tyler and I were honored to be invited to a small family wedding.  We know it's tough having to make decisions when it comes to guest lists, so we are so grateful we got the thumbs up here.  Our nephew, Jeff married his long time girlfriend, Melissa, July 9.  The wedding was beautiful!! Because I've already said so much preceding photos, I will let the photos do the rest of the talking here (for the most part;0...I believe there are a few family members that need to be introduced here because we're not with them often).
The gorgeous how in love couples look at their weddings!
They both love baseball :0
Aguirre fam.  Next to us: Jeremy, Jeff, Jeffery, Melissa, Jess, Morgan, Paige, Ann
in front: Pam, Molly & Jenaya
Brother Jeff and his boys!
Jeffery with his Uncle James

Jeremy caught the garter
It was such a nice evening...just wish we could have stayed longer!  Here are Tyler and I trying to take a pic, since we haven't been taking many together lately...and apparently I got the silly bug from Paige and her photo shoots that day ;0

Between Ann and I, we took a ton of pics!  Here are the rest.

AHHHH...and what an appropriate day to post the pics - on Jeffery's birthday!  Happy Birthday, nephew of ours ;)  We love you!

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