Friday, January 21, 2011

What a story

I watched Oprah yesterday, and if you did also you probably remember the story of the gentleman, Kristian Anderson, with cancer.  I searched the video they showed pieces of on youtube today.  See the romantic video this man did for his wife HERE

On the side bar, I saw what looked like it might be their wedding video.  I know, your thinking I'm a stalker :)  Well, I just love weddings and the 'stories' they show about the couples.  I love love, what can I say.  And as I've been processing 'dying to self' and not being selfish; putting my husband first, I just had to click the video and check it out.  If you too would like to see a wedding video of complete strangers, click HERE.

I was thrilled to see that they displayed prayer in their video!  So of course, as this man is battling his life here on earth, I'm guessing he has the promise of eternal life. smile :)

THEN...I found a link to their blog.  Ug...they've gone through a rough time recently.  And yes, confirmation, in my opinion, that they're believers.  SMILE :)  They can certainly use prayer!  If you'd like to stalk them to the degree I did :)  (let me know so I can feel the company of my fellow stalkers!) click HERE.  Whether you look in to their lives or not, please pray for the family and all they're going through. 

...and now, on I go to get to what I've been procrastinating on all week.  Please pray for me.  It's a very emotional thing.  I know I will share it, but just not yet :)  certainly in the weeks to come.  

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NANI said...

I don't often watch Oprah but happened to see it in the evening..... the one where these folks got their miracle.. well.. one miracle. :)
and thanks for the chance to stalk them with you .:) ha.
Their wedding video was amazing. :)
and they are certainly believers. :)
Such an exciting story. .and now with the moneys that Oprah and others have given them, they can enjoy life and each other with out job stress for a bit.
;) so good.