Friday, January 21, 2011

On the mind today...

Today I'm feeling like I'm on I'm diving in to every devotional, video and blog that I come across to help get that gauge back up :)  It's been a long and very busy week.

A couple of weeks back or so, I posted a link to a Beth Moore video (here is that link).  Here is the conclusion of that video, as I know several of you really felt that first one :)

Earlier this week, Lysa TerKeurst shared a few links on her blog, and I've clicked back on them throughout the week.  This was a good one: Holly Furtick.  In case it doesn't link you exactly where I was trying to get you to, it's the post title of The 6th Love Language... Death.  Man, good one...Do you ever feel like the one area you're focusing in is the one that gets some road blocks all of a sudden?  I guess it makes sense.  We have been praying about getting our life group back together, since ours broke up.  It broke up due to our leader, who was our pastor, taking a position in Ohio.  We've also been praying about our involvement in building our Married's ministry.  As you know, it's an area where the Lord's placed a deep passion inside of me, and Tyler also feels a strong passion for encouraging others in this area.  Looks like God has married the two :)  We are meeting this weekend to finalize logistics on starting a new life group, inviting our old buddies, in the home of the Married's ministry leaders...with Tyler and I and another couple co-leading.  (that's my background FYI I guess;0).  WELL...I feel like I have consistently had to apologize to Tyler for one thing or another. reading this, just made me think about the fact that I've felt a little challenged in the wife area while we're gearing up to lead a group and encourage many!  So...prayers in this area would be greatly appreciated :) ANYWAY, back to the post!  It was a 'OUCH' moment for me :)...especially after this am.  

...AND lastly, another thing that just replaced a cup of coffee 'wake-me-up' that I was in need now, off I go directly to the source ;)  Enjoy a trip over to Wendy Blight's blog

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend :) ...and stay tuned for some catch-up posts.

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NANI said...

Thanks.. and just as soon as you think you can help others, Satan will get busy making you think you are out of control of yours. Don't worry and don't let him have the victory. :) God is stronger, you know. :)