Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun for all ages ;)

Emma got to attend her first birthday party!!  ...and it was my first in quite some time :) it was a joy to see kids having a great time playing together :) 

They played musical chairs for a bit...
 Here's the birthday girl, Marisol, playing pin the tail on the donkey...
 ...this little guy took a peek while he was trying to pin :)  
 Then, the hit of the party: donut eating contest.  The kids had SO much fun playing!
 and the moms had a ball helping them out much fun, in fact, someone had the bright idea to have all the moms go too! :)

 ...this little cutie wasn't able to play yet...but she sure did have fun hanging with the fam!!

My cousins are such a riot ;)  I look forward to many more birthday party festivities with this bunch!

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