Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch with Grandma Boyd

A couple of weeks ago, we received a lunch invite from Grandma Boyd, and we were thrilled to go over and visit! It had been too long since we'd spent some time with her.

Since it had been a while, we decided to surprise her and meet her at church.  

Since we went right home with her afterwards, we had a little time to just hang while lunch was being made.  

We looked through a few photo albums and read and learned lots about the previous generations.  What a neat treat for her to have put a scrapbook together with all those details.  Definitely something to cherish.

Back to the visit ;0...Emma looked at pictures with Daddy:)
pictures will have to be important to us since we have so much family that isn't around to just drop in and visit.  
Of course I think my child is adorable :)  And this is a picture to show it!
 Emma wore her cute sweater that Grandma Boyd gave us...and she looks super cute in it!

We had such a nice time visiting...and enjoyed a yummy meal and a SCRUMPTIOUS desert (thank you for the recipe, by the way!).  When I remember to pick up the ingredients, I will have to share it as well.



oh, how i love her and you and Ty and that you get to spend time with grandma great..:) i miss you guys.

Aunt Nell said...

how fun and special. love her little Tyler faces. what great times and memories. cant wait to hold her again when I come home!!

NANI said...

she is adorable as always. :) sweet little grins and smiles and so observant. :)
LOVE IT> thanks. :)
Can't wait to come.

NANI said...

The bottom picture has that "I love you" look. :) so sweet.
She is all blown up and on my screen saver. LOVE IT>