Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watch this video

I very much enjoy the teachings of Beth Moore :)  I appreciate her humor, her realness and how much she puts in to learning, and turns around and shares it with us!  Here's a video that aired a couple of weeks back - check back for part II to be posted.

As always, it spoke to me in some ways and hoping it will speak to you as well!



wow. hit home right there. thanks sis.

NANI said...

I finally got time to watch/listen to this message today while opening the mail here at work. YES>> THERE WAS A LOT. and I backed it up when Beth spoke quietly or I missed it because of the phone or people. I think I probably heard most of it twice.
IF... I had been all alone and totally focused in on this I think I would have bawled my eyes. I am teary just thinking about it.
What if I had had that same revelation? I WISH! Was I NOT listening to God then? Was I to introverted to think about the possible changes I could make in the lives of my kids if I had dealt with my issues? Well.. I can't go back. I can't fix the things that are broken in my life. ONLY GOD can. and then, I can't fix the broken things in my kids lives. ONLY God can. AND I am so very thankful that HE CAN.
Hindsight is 20/20.
I was a fairly blind person and I think too into myself. IS THat where I still am? maybe.
God help me to get OUT of the ME syndrome and get to where I put others before myself.
Sorry to blab.. THIS needed a response. IT WAS excellent. I need to listen to it again. and soon.

NANI said...

It was supposed to say. Bawled my eyes out. :) HA!