Monday, January 10, 2011

A new day, a new week...exhale ;)

Isn't this a neat photo?  When Tyler and i opened the door this morning for him to leave for work we both enjoyed this site
Made us think of Indiana a bit :) 

I've been struggling to post.  I've been exhausted.  I've been struggling to do just about anything, really...Not going to bed early like I know I should, and there have been more nights than not where Ms Emma either goes down late or wakes up at 2/3 AM for a feeding or even 4 am but I've gone to bed late.  She was on a pretty regular schedule that made it easy to plan my days, but not lately.  my day depends on the time the little darling decides to wake up :)  Well, with my undiagnosed condition, not good sleep means I ache.  And the aches have been pretty regular.  Yesterday's were no fun at all.  I also haven't been working out.  for the past 3 weekends, I've gone to the gym 1ce, which makes for a 1ce a week work out:)  My body also needs the exercise to help the joints and pains, so needless to say I need more.  And man have I been crabby!  I think Tyler, for one, can attest to that (so sorry, again!).  I've been in the Word, reading devos, praying for others and trying to encourage them, but I hadn't been getting that jolt of God caffeine feeling that I love...we've been praying hard over our car situation and the repeated lesson and neon signs to us are: abide in Him and He will provide.  He's definitely gotten the providing for us part down.  And we get it.  Provision for what we need not necessarily what we want.  I am beginning to think I'm not abiding correctly or sufficiently (which essentially would be doing it incorrectly, I guess) with how many times we hear it (Sunday's radio messages, verses we come across).  So there's where I am and what's been on the mind for the past few weeks here.  

This am I heard a message by Chip Ingram.  It's on his series from Good to Great in God's Eyes (that he also has a great book with the same title I'm in the middle of reading).  It reminds us that not only do we need to be pouring in to other's lives, but having someone pour in to ours as well.  'light bulb'.  And am currently open for any takers with the desire to pour in :)  ...haven't met with my mentor since Emma was born, but would you know it - she reached out last week and said 'lets get together!'.  I love God's perfect timing ;0

Last night, Ms Emma slept 10 hours, which allowed mama to have 8.  Heard this and another great message by Greg Laurie.  Got some devo time in.  Worked out before Emma woke up at 9ish (and got to work out last night!).  Great day ahead ;)  Now off I go to 'start' it :)  ...beginning to think Emma waking up in the 9 o'clock hour isn't too that mama's not being able to be the 4 am early bird ;)  Glad we leave it to God to know our needs better than we think we know them.

Thank you Jesus for speaking to us in a million ways so we can finally let it sink in, one way or another.  Thank you for sleep.  Thank you for an easy child that likes naps.  Thank you for bringing people in our lives that we can pour in to and that can pour in to well as those that enjoy to pray for others.  I appreciate your prayers, whatever you may pray for me ;0

I have pics to post!  I pray for a balance on spending time on the computer.  Patience please and thank you :)

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