Monday, January 31, 2011

Emma's eats

Little girl is getting big, and Ms Emma has been eating veggies for a few weeks now.  It's been fun to pick out veggies for her then watch her reaction each day to see how she feels about it. 

So far, she's decided that she likes peas, spinach and carrots.  Not so much on the green beans and broccoli.
 ...the messes have fun!
 no, she doesn't feed herself :)  She just happened to have pull the spoon away from me while I was trying to snap a shot of a 'no more brocolli' face ;)

...Here she is with what I think is her favorite meal of the day: night-time bottle with daddy :) 

...and daddy's trained her to hold her bottle for herself;0
She'll be moving on to fruits towards the end of this next week.  She's so ready for a larger palette.  When we're sitting at the table eating she just wants to dig in to whatever is on our plates!  ....sigh...time is going by so quick!  Before we know it, she'll be running all over the place. 



could she be any cuter? MAN, i wanna HOLD HER!:(

NANI said...

She has the shape of your eyes. :) So cute. ;)
Dad to the DR. today. :)