Monday, January 17, 2011

Emma Update

Well, it's been a little bit since I've talked about Emma, how dare I?! :)  Well, it's because she's doing so well!  (there's nothing to complain about!).  On January 3 she turned FIVE months...where has the time gone?!  (especially since that was 2 weeks ago now).  On that day, we went to Granny Lina's for coffee and to hang with the girls ;)  Emma loves to go over there...

She is sleeping and eating well, growing daily.  She loves to just play by herself.  Sometimes in her crib when she wakes up and I decide to finish something up before I go get her (and sometimes that causes her to take another little nap ;0) sometimes after we've played together for a bit...she's really good at entertaining herself, which I adore about her ;)  She's definitely aware of mommy and daddy when we're coming in and out of the room she's in.  She lights up when she sees us.  She LOVES attention.  Oh man does she.  If we're hanging out with others and not getting any, she starts to talk louder than our voices so we can look her way!.  

When we went out to run errands the other day, I saw her looking out the window just looking as we're driving by the houses.  Thursday we were sitting in the car in the rain and she just watched the rain drops  land on the window.  She's so great at observing...just taking it all in. 

We know all this stuff is 'normal' but it's new to us!  We're so thrilled that she's doing so well.  So, I've just been soaking it all up, spending lots of cuddle and play time with her.  Being amazed by how well she's growing and doing.  It just melts my heart to have her smile at me...sigh...can't wait for hugs and kisses!!

So there ya are, what Ms Emma Lou-Lou is up to.  Next up for her - SIX MONTH update and check-up!! :)

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NANI said...

It is amazing to me that she is heading already to the 6 month point. :) I love the updates and thanks for the pictures of her.
;) Happy Baby. :)