Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthdays and photo shoots and tamales...oh my!

WELL...this is a rewind to December 14...but it was such a big day i couldn't just pass right over it! :) 

It was my mom's birthday.  We had a little party over breakfast :)  For YEARS my favorite thing ever has been the apricot white chocolate scones from Olde Tyme Pastries (or Village baking company).  Now that I'm on a 'make my own' kick, I figured no better time to try to make them myself!!
 so EASY and YUMMY...they were a hit!!
 Tio Beto stopped by and got to play with Emma Lou for a bit ;)
 Emma and Jayce played a together a little too
 Tia Ann was trying to spread the love to all the kiddos :)
 My mom got all jazzed about taking pics with the kids by the tree since they were all there.  I had gotten these santa hats at Target's $1 area to try to get pics of the 3 kids together, so they were all ready to shoot.

 It was a rough go, but in the end, this was the best photo we were able to get :)  Usually there was one fussing while the other two were somewhat cooperating...oh well :)
 and Teremama with her 2 great-grands :) 
THEN...after all the company left, we set out what we'd set aside to do that day to begin with...making tamales... 

...not sure how this all worked out, but it was just the three of us making tamales for the whole family...hmm...Oh and my mom's friend Charlotte hung with us for a bit too :) 

Lita said she used to do all the work while her kids were growing up, and now her kids can do it themselves :), she and emma just hang out with us while we worked away :)
 We didn't exactly count how many dozens we made, but the counter was full!
...and we were all set for Christmas dinner with that LONG day :)  ....they were yummy!  And now we'll be enjoying them throughout the year.

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NANI said...

I think I need the scone recipe. :)
They look so good. :)
So do the tamales. :) YUM.