Tuesday, December 27, 2011


fab at 40!  i love this pic - there's such a refreshing and happy look to her face here.  seriously i don't know what you're 'supposed to look like' at 40, but i'm grateful that we share the same genes and we look pretty similar so if I can look this good in 7 years, yeah me ;0

i also love the pic jsut because it represents (for me) 7 months of planning, ideas, effort...a few key peeps coming together adn some very special family putting family before fun and cancelling plans to attend becuase they knew how special that would be for ann!  I love that we were able to have her party ON her birthday too!

this was like the only family portrait we came across as we were looking for pics of Ann growing up.  I love how there's a yellow ribbon bobby-pinned in my hair ;0  so fashion forward, i guess!  Anyway, the preciousness of family...and seeing my daddy holding me here...I think that's the only pic I've ever seen like that!

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