Thursday, December 8, 2011

#17, #16

For this post I had to put two together because they're both special to me ;)  (and from the same evening).

First, my girls.  We just had lunch together a few weeks back and just realized that Kimmy (left) has been the most consistent person and friend in my life for the past 14-15 years.  She and I met through JAMZ and of course had that in common, but we had our Chevy's Margarita nights after crazy days at work, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and she's organized my showers (woulda been a bridesmaid had Tyler and I not done it solo;0).  She was there the day of my dad's funeral.  She's invited me to her home on holidays when I was alone.  She texts me just because and get this, we actually have PHONE conversations (who talks on the phone anymore?!:0).  Love this girl.

On my right is Ging.  She is just amazing to me.  She came in to my life about 6 years ago, we met through Kimmy as she was her maid of honor and I was a bridesmaid.  She and I hit it off immediately with our crazy 'other' side (we appear calm and propper most of the time;0).  When I was hit with news of divorce, she was the only person in my world that I knew had walked that road before me, and I clung on to her so tightly.  I left work for breaks or lunch and went to her house for encouragement and just a friend to lean on. She's held my hand through some of my life, and I enjoy nothing more than to be returning the favor as I get to hold hers during some rough seas in her current life.  I get the honor of being a part of her Bible study group on Tuesday mornings...and just love doing life with her!  She's probably the person I 'talk' to the most on a weekly basis.  and by talk I mean text (she not much of a phone talker;0).  I can be brutally honest with her about me, my life and just everything; as she is with me.

This pic was taken at my 33rd bday party that Ginger and Tyler planned for me!!  I told her I wanted a cocktail party and she ran with it planning every last detail. I LOVE YOU girl!! #16
The most amazing man I've ever met!  He's made all my dreams come true in just 5 short years.  Even dreams I didn't realize I had (God hadn't placed them in my heart before;0)...and I know there are many more unrealized dreams to come for him to make happen.  We don't get to take pictures together much anymore...I really think this is like 1 of 3 or so taken of us this year.  Tyler - you are my angel!  I LOVE YOU!!

See full birthday post here.

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Cathy/Nani said...

I love your recaps. :) I love that you love my son. :) me too.
I love that you are a great mom to Emma. Did you know that I love you? :)
So nice to have daughters-in-law, sisters in Christ, that love my sons and grands well.
Thankful for you and Steph.