Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The next is, well really, the whole 6 month photo shoot ;0  there are a few pics there that just make me smile with our cutie!!  But here is one that just oozes a crack up from Emma

she really is such a happy little girl!  Even when she's not feeling the best.  Makes you giggle right along with her.  Love it!!

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Aunt Nell said...

Love it. Her expressions are so awesome and totally remind me of Tyler. Hope you guys are having a blast in Florida. Drink a frozen chai tea from the mall for me :) I'm sure Steph has or will introduce you to her drug of choice ;) hahaha jk. (Love you Steph) and they are
Sooooooo good, so I don't blame her. Hugs n love to you all. I will be waving to you all tomorrow afternoon when we land in Miami for customs!!! :*