Thursday, December 29, 2011


hehehehhehe...I had to pick this because, well, this is 'DI-AN'.  Seriously.  Hair back, sweats and flips every day of the year.  If it's cold, throw a hoodie over and we're good.  Totally not poking fun.  This was my attire when I worked - I NEVER got ready..but this is not about Me! ;0  She doesn't like pics and seriously I think this was one of the only ones we got this year.

She gets little Em all riled up.  Teaches her things all the time- she's got Emma saying: Tia, tu (and pointing), beep-beep, Tio; she has her doing 1-2-3 jump (Emma squats doesn't quite have the jumping down yet).  She looks for Tia throughout the day. She looks toward the door every time she hears a car honk, or the doorbell ring, to see if Tia is coming through the door.

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