Friday, December 2, 2011


This photo was taken in November of 2010, however I didn't post until February :)

This picture is funny to me because of the fun background story in getting it!  SO, we were doing family pics and the kids said, "Lets take a cousin picture!" so they were getting all organized (in the rain, but that's another story;0) and posing.  Kevin started snapping away.

I was looking at them thinking, "Oh, it's too bad not all the colors can be represented."

That comment came from the fact that each family was wearing one color with the black/grey from my mom's scarf.  Souza: turquoise, Alvarez: blue, Boyd: purple (and no, we didn't chose, the others chose their colors and that's what we got!).  I'm so used to be the only one without kids - Shirley the oldest has just turned 26 - so it was kind of making me sad.  Then I said out loud, "Hey - I have a baby now!  You guys forgot Emma was a cousin!!"  I was excited and sad (they forgot about her) all at once.  I guess I said it kinda funny because everyone laughed at me.  So I have to giggle at myself when I think about it.

Now that I write that out, it may not be so funny to anyone else, or anyone that wasn't there :)  But now you know!

You can see the rest of the family pics here.

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