Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's the little miss up to?

I can barely believe that she's 11 months now!  Time certainly has gone by much to quickly.  Thought I'd utilize some pics we've been able to get to show what she's up to these days :)

sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch, I will begin to see this pop over the coffee table...
she loves being in the splits!  sometimes she'll drop all the way down and just hang, or she'll pull herself up to stand and play on the table ;)

She crawls like rapid fire!

Sometimes, she will walk/run along, when she's holding on to your finger (but mostly she prefers to be on her own and crawl!)

You may have noticed that the majority of pictures (in posts other than this?!) of the lil' miss include a big fat head band and bow or flower :)  While her hair is growing, it's not growing evenly everywhere.  It's coming in in the back and a little on top.  I'm guessing because she mostly sleeps on her tummy so her head is turned to one side or the other...and she rubs her face a lot against the bed as she's trying to fall asleep for some reason.

Here's where she has hair and what dad likes to do to it ;)

She likes to 'help' me fold laundry :)

she likes to read...
WELL, she does but, this is capturing something a little different.  while she's mostly obedient and understands her boundaries...if you choose not to keep an eye on her, she will get curious and make little messes :)
OK, OK so I was letting her get 'playing with paper' out of her system while i sorted through the ads :)

here she was caught having opened up her snacks!
i think this was at like 6:30 AM...while I was making some coffee!  But isn't she cute even when she's caught in the act?!

...and, one thing that I'm lovin' so much...she's started to cuddle ;)
She never naps in your arms unless she's exhausted...I think on this day we were having problems getting her to nap and she finally went down.  BUT - NANI - she is hugging and cuddling now!!  Even when she's not ready to take a nap :)

She's also chatting up a storm!  Something a little hard to catch in a photo frame;0...She sings along with music and is saying 'mama' and 'papa' more often now.  I just love it!  She also is starting to try to repeat some of the words/sounds that she hears. quickly this year is flying...sigh...

I'll try to get some 4th of July/11 month pics posted soon!

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Cathy/Nani said...

Coming backwards to play catchup from while I was gone. :)
SO GLAD to be back. am looking forward to NOT going to conference next year, unless they want me back bad enough to hire me in. :)
and I am soooo tired of doing inventory and settling things up.
Some things are off, which is very very maddening.
HUGS to you and the girl.. TY TOO.. love love love all the pictures.
the splits picture is my new desktop. :)