Thursday, July 28, 2011

Endlessly Patient

Wow, my 'checking in' post sounded more like a 'checking OUT' :)

I have lots to do during today's naps BUT I had to share what the Lord just impressed on my heart.  Was reading through Exodus 33-34 out of a new devo Bible I picked up at Borders (liquidation sale!) - The Message Remix Solo.

It asked to reread the passage and notice what word or phrase really jumped out at me.  ENDLESSLY PATIENT.

Wow.  When you really think about this.  The Lord is ENDLESSLY patient with us.  Like parents with their children, He must constantly teach us the same lessons, remind us of our boundaries, show and re-show (over and over again) what is good and bad.  He also, sadly, must constantly show us who He is.  How is it that we forget?  The strength, patience, love...everything that we need to get through each day is there for us.  We just gotta collect it for each day - ok two thoughts in one there, that was yesterday's devo reading -yup, the manna reference;0.

The thing that gets me is how patient He is with us in all this repetition.  This coming from someone who highly dislikes repeating herself.  smile.  We so easily get annoyed, frustrated and just give up when repetition comes in to place.  Is our patience endless?  I'm pretty sure it isn't.  ...well, let me speak for myself - don't want to assume anything about anyone!

We are supposed to be Jesus to others and let Him deal with or work out things in them.  That would be us being endlessly patient with our spouses, siblings, parents, children, matter what.  Just loving, always forgiving...letting that patience really sink in so that we can continue to show all that He is to those around us in what we say and don't say, do and don't do.

Funny what all the things can come to mind from pondering two words.  Is the Lord asking you to remember to be 'endlessly patient' about something?  to someone? to getting things done.  Have a great weekend!

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Cathy/Nani said...

I wrote in here but it is gone. wow. :) I love this.
Really. copied it and took it home.
Hope your week isn't too insane.
Don't make it so crazy that you can't enjoy it.