Friday, July 8, 2011

Video Sermon

I have been focusing much of my time with God in preparation for discipleship.  It seemed to work quite well for a week, not so much the second week and this week I'm like, "OK, I need my own focus during my QT."

As we are still working to get Emma's naps to somewhat be scheduled (since she wasn't feeling good last week and was transitioning from 3-2 naps prior, she's kinda all over the place), I haven't had those set 1-2 hour blocks where I can spend tons of time with the Lord throughout the day.

Yesterday, in my effort to find something to help me focus on God's word, I checked out Holly Furtick's blog, and she had a link to a sermon from Celebration Church in Florida, by Pastor Stovall Weems.  

I enjoyed his style, humor and it was a great message.  Wasn't quite sure what to think of some of his points regarding quality time (trying to create it with dinner, etc), but I do get what his overall message was.  It was a bout 'being there', as God asked Moses to be in Exodus 24:12.  

I'd share more of my thoughts but Ms Em is awake :)  Click here to view the video (you can also select audio if you want to listen while you're doing something else, for you busy peeps ;0), and let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!

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