Monday, July 18, 2011

Father's Day

Um...a little late, yeah?! :)  I just realized I didn't share our lovely photos we took of Tyler on Father's day!  And, for those that would have loved to see Mother's day pics - those got lost in our breakdown of the drive :(...

Not these, tho!

One of the tricks daddy has taught Emma is to give him high-5.  I say give to him because she'll do it for him EVERY time he says it, but me only sometimes :)  So for now, it's their special fun.

Sometimes Tyler has her play the drums on his head, which I think they both enjoy equally :)

sometimes, she's not quite so loving ;)  You just want to hug and kiss her...and here's what you get

Here's a good pic of the two of them together

and a couple of them looking at the flowers

what a beautiful family I have! :)  These pics make my heart melt!!

Of course, we took a ton more (why quit clicking when it's all free?!).  To see all the fun we had with taking pics, click here :)



she is about the cutest little thing i have ever seen...cant wait to hug her...and you!

Anonymous said...

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