Monday, January 30, 2012

Papa's free time in FL

After spending Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and Sunday driving home, we basically had all day/night Monday with Tyler in Aventura (sad, I know!) because Tuesday we had to have him at the airport by about 2:30 or so...LUCKILY (umm...I'm not sure if it was luck?!) there was fire alarm testing both those days, so we had no choice but to go out :)

In fabulous Florida weather style, we went to the park!
(tyler's apparently whistling a tune as he watches little Ms independent ;0)

the parks in FL are so fun!  I was just sharing with a friend of mine as we were at the park across from our house yesterday, that it was so nice that they generally had 2-3 separate play areas set up for different ages so Emma really could run around without any help getting around, we'd just watch her for safety...and fun;0

we also went on this fabulous 3 mile walk around a golf course (i think!) and saw some gorgeous scenery.  I think it was just awesome to be in a tank, flips, skirt and in the sun in December.  My vitamin D levels were grateful ;0

Monday evening, we went to this super neat shopping area that had some fun 'date night' options (wine and cheese cafe, and a few other nice looking places for food and drinks).  They had some fun fountains that were lit up that we watched for a while...

(and posed in front of ;0)
But the main event were some trees they had beautifully lit up that were programmed to some fun Christmas music.  

...again...posing ;0  trying to get a fun holiday photo I suppose :)

I love that Thomas' 'normal' face in pics is some kind of look - 
(we were lucky to get the smile above, I do believe!)

this angle: see how high the trees were?! 

Ohhh...I just remembered the wine and cheese platter we got to-go (so we could enjoy when we put the kids to bed when we got home!).  Not so much cheese connoisseurs  the 4 of us ;0  I think we just enjoyed the wine, crackers and fruit mainly ;0  Awww...sweet evening together. 
(Note to T/S/J:  Love and miss you guys!)

There was one more thing we were able to do with Tyler while he was with us...but there are far too many pics I want to share of that, SO...I will share it on the next post ;0

Happy Monday!  Thanks for your prayers - keep them up!  Today's Tyler's LAST and LONGEST day of work (probably will get back to his room about 1/2 AM - if he doesn't hit a card table on the way back in;0).  He comes home TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he'll be off Wednesday - SO THRILLED.  can barely wait :)

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