Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm here for you, sisters

Seriously - regardless of how silly you might find this post.

I am one of those hear of a good deal/product/find/blah/blah and I just have to share with any and everyone out there because you just may be as excited as I am about X.  So, yes, I am here for you ;0

SO.  After my month of TV detox (seriously, no days, y&r...not even the today show!) I have turned the TV on a few times during the day this week.  Trying to be careful about it ;0  Don't want to have the TV Guide direct my day.  ...ANYWAY, yesterday I saw a segment on a few beauty tips.  AND I tried it yesterday and today and it WORKS!

Some of you have had the privilege(?) of hearing me whine about my dark circles and my quest to find THE product to make them go away, ever since Emma was born.  That's been her gift to me ;0  Love her!...anyway.  I've yet to be sold on a product that actually makes them go away and instead have just about bought stock in BOING concealer by Benefit (if you join Sephora's Beauty Club, you get discounts a couple of times of year on any of their products.  It's how I justify using dept brand items on a few things;0).

Enough background?!  Seriously...OK

highlight around the outer corner/crease of your eyes and high part of your cheekbones right near. 

I just so happen to have some High Beam highlighter, also by Benefit...I probably got it about 5 years ago and haven't really used it much since the 'dewy cheeks' trend has ended (or did it?!  I just got lazy shortly after;0).  You're welcome to say yuck that I keep cosmetics that long, but I'm just too cheap to toss it when it costs so much!  ANYWAY, used it, and it works perfectly!

It's like the white of the highlight deflects from the dark of the circles (which are still attempted to be masked somewhat by concealer).  Or maybe it counterbalances the light you're packing on in the other corner?!  Who knows what makes it do, but it does!

Anyway, that's my happy Friday to you gift ;0  Try it, I'm sure you'll love it just as much!


Cathy/Nani said...

I think i need this. :) HA.

Aunt Nell said...

hahahaha you are soo cute!! I LOVE Benefit makeup and Sephora. I have one from benefit called "erase paste" and it literally "erases" the things you dont want to appear. love it!! CAnt'wait to go back to Sephora next week!!!!!

(sorry Im wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind on your posts....actually ALL of blogspot posts....just catching up!!)