Friday, January 27, 2012


While Tyler spent 6 days working at (one of) "the happiest place on earth", we kept him there for one more day to get a little play time together as a family!

Here's Em ready to tackle the day (sure looks like it, right?!)
Thomas, Steph and Justin were able to make it too!  We were all set for a Boyd squared disney day ;0
(for some reason, there's always one not so smiley/looking at the camera face in each pic!)

We couldn't pass up Minnie ears for mama and Em!
...and since Em really couldn't do many rides, we tried to take random pics all around ;0

Here are Tom and Justin in line for Dumbo!

And the BROS...trying on all the star wars stuffs.

Here's em enjoying Small World!  

we tried to get the 'family shot' in front of the castle!

...sigh...the castle all lit up ;0
...and there you have it; our short and sweet Disney adventure ;0
So blessed to have been able to take little Em to the Magic Kingdom so soon in life! 
(we know she'll never remember it, but here are our pics to prove it;0)

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Cathy/Nani said...

Such a marvelous place to take your children. :) YEAH. So glad you all got to go.
Blessings. Hope your day is going well.