Tuesday, February 1, 2011

organization treat ;0

This summer, during my 'nesting' phase before Emma was born, I shared about a photo/invite holder/organizer that I had been wanting.  

I did good at making do with what I had :)  I felt very creative finding a way to utilize the large quantity of magnets we had, while displaying our photos :)  

Well, after Emma was born, and Christmas was approaching, I realized that last year after Christmas, we ordered stockings that were on sale :)  And we now needed one for Emma!  So, I logged on to the website to order it for her, and thought...'hmm, wonder if they're going to be selling the 'card organizer' again this season...' so i peeked around, and there it was!  

Tyler convinced me to just get it.  It's apparently something they'll sell each year and won't put on sale, so just had to go for it....AND I DID! 

Super excited.  Here it is when it was full of Christmas cards!

So now my fridge gets to be completely clutter free - and we have a way cute wall hanging with our pics, cards and anything else we want to display :)

Just had to share since I had shared my desire to have this. 

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NANI said...

Very nice. :) I like it alot. keeps important things out and yet makes it more like ART and not a MESS.