Monday, February 7, 2011

My baby is SIX months

As much as I've been trying to enjoy every minute and stage that these past 6 months have brought about, I have to say that I still think it's gone by WAY TOO quickly!!  On Thursday, Ms Emma turned SIX months.  She's on the verge of crawling, currently backing it up quite well :)  She loves to babble...she's picked up a little scream that we're thinking she's learned by mimicking the neighbor's dog.  How sad is that?!  Her room is next to the side of the neighbor's house where the dogs hang out and over the weekend we were able to match the dog to Emma's scream :)  Still super cute.  

She's enjoying food very much, and salivates when she sees us eating food (which makes me feel bad!).  She's growing quite a bit, growing out of clothes left and right, mainly due to her length not so much her belly size (more on that below). 

Her feet and toes have become her new fave toys.  She loves being on the changing table and just hanging on to her feet, or once she rolls over on the ground, pulling them up to her hands.  When she's wearing loose fitting pants, she's always hiking them up and kicking her legs about.  

Emma's really good about playing by herself, which is a big blessing for me :)  Gives me time to do a little something like a post, wash dishes, or whatever needs to get done.

We had her 6 month check-up on Friday and her current stats are: 
weight: 13.2 lbs
height:  26 1/4 in
head circ.:  16 1/4 in
Doc was not satisfied with her weight gain over the past 2 months...made me feel like a bad mommy :(  I feel like she's eating so much!  She's actually increased the amount we feed her int eh bottle just over the past 2 weeks, which I thought was a plus..showing signs of growth.  So we're supposed to increase her cereal and veggies quite a bit... which is leading to LOTS of spitting up.  I feel like her tummy is just doing what it can but it's just small!  I mean, it's not like she didn't gain ANY weight...she seems healthy.  it's a little frustrating, but I'm trying to just do what I can and go with what she gives ques for.  Figure that's all I can do.  

AND NOW...on to the pics!  Of course, we took some pictures on Thursday.  here are some of our favorites.
Had to get one of her playing with her feet for Nani! :)
she really wasn't in to smiling all that much - she was making sounds, and here she is doing that was such a nice day we decided to go outside for some...

My beauty ;0...sigh...

Here are the rest of the photos, if you have an hour or so to browse :) 



She is so beautiful! If you want to send me one, feel free.:)( a picture, i mean.:)
About the weight...
ALL 4 of our older children were the same way, as was I when I was younger. My mom wrote in my baby book, i was 23 POUNDS at 4 years old.
The doctors were always concerned about my kids too...If she is eating and feeling satisfied, she is the time I got to the boys, i didn't worry at all what the doctor said about weight...they were fine and eating and happy.
I say, just go with her cues, and feed her when she's hungry...and she will be great!!!
Just my opinion.:)

NANI said...

I agree with Connie. There is such a thing as genetics. Like Max and Mitch have a 4ft. something grandmother.. and so maybe they aren't going to be big average people. I don't understand their need to keep every a certain weight or height group.. besides.. once you get fat cells they don't ever go away.. so not to get them would be/seem good. I think it is stupid of them to try to have every child be somewhat the same. ??? what is that? my pet peeve you can tell. and if she is spitting it back up, you are just wasting money on baby food that she doesn't require. silly. It's just like my friend who's Dr. said fever and diarrhea that accompanied ALL of my children's teething (every tooth) wasn't a symptom of teething. good grief. IT IS. period.
Sometimes Dr's can be just plain dumb.

NANI said...

Sorry. After reading that..I realized I just vented what I feel is medical stupidity.. but ??? it is still just my opinion. HA.
Peggy, that works by me said that her daughters children were all small and the Dr.'s were having fits. :) She couldn't get her 1st daughter to gain any weight no matter what she did.. same thing.. spitting it out. She finally decided to stop worrying about it.
But now... all 3 of her children are taller than anyone in their class. They are thin, but not overly and isn't that better than a FAT child???

NANI said...

PS.. SHE is absolutely beautiful. :)
I love all her many expressions. :)
Very sweet.
Thanks for the FEET. :)