Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm back!

Well, howdy!  How's it going out there?! :)

Not so 'wordless' today ;0....Things have been a little...mmm...shall I say 'much'?...for the past few weeks here.  I feel like I've been trying to survive Tyler's last 1 week trip for the past THREE.  I keep trying to be a 'big girl' and suck things up and just go with it.  But that lead to my having a lovely break down last Thursday.  That was 1 week after I started to feel like I was walking through my days in slow motion, with my world spinning around me in fast or normal speed.  I just wanted a break.  Some sleep.  A time out.  But no such luck.  After sharing what was going on/what I was feeling with a few people, I began to realize that being Emma's 24/7 provider wipes me out, and that's normal.  See, usually, once Tyler comes home from work, he plays with Emma and we tag team the bath/feeding/putting to bed stuff.  And by tag team I mean, I prep, Tyler does, and I guess I get to zone out or something so it's my refueling time.  My mom was staying with me while Tyler was gone, but she got shingles so she wasn't able to hold Emma and therefore no break time for moi.

Anyhow, I spoke up and asked for prayer and talked some people's ears off about this new 'feeling' I was going through, and I can definitely feel it's helped.  Saturday I shut my computer down and I didn't open it back up until TODAY.  Ahh...refreshing :)  SERIOUSLY.  For someone who relied on her computer to do 99.9% of her work for 13 years, with Outlook automatically checking for new emails every 5 minutes, being on the computer is not only a habit, but it's a way of life!  I find myself checking emails quite often sometimes.  Funny part now is that I only get maybe 2 emails a day, vs 5 emails every 5-10 minutes :)  So...I had a detox time.  And I see I've missed some posts on blogs that I'm anxious to catch up on!!  BUT, that will all have to wait until tomorrow.

Emma changed her schedule today, the little darling;)  So she's down early tonight and I am going to crawl in to bed and read.  I'm super excited.  It's a Lucy Swindoll book that has you write your thoughts and asks you questions at the end of each chapter.  I think it's called living your best life - I'll have to check and let you know for sure.

ANYWAY, a couple of links for you tonight...
I'm doing the Beth Moore verse memorization thing this year, so I logged on her blog today to submit my verse, and her post spoke to my heart with all that's been going on it's a must read!  Click here for that one.
...and I took her recommended verse for these next two weeks :)
“And my God will supply your every need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 The NET Bible

AND - since usually here on our blog you get to see a whole lot of Emma and learn way too much about what's on my mind :) I thought I'd shine the spotlight on my talented hubby that I'm missing much tonight.  Click here to see some of his latest projects (commercials)!  The week we left for Cabo he went down to San Diego and shot this footage, and he put it together for the events in Vegas where he's airing them throughout the weekends :)

Nighty-night!  Pics of Emma to come, sorry :)



excited for emma pics...missing you guys.
I can totally relate to you feelings of going through days in a daze..and will be praying for you dear!

NANI said...

It is part of the mother syndrome. :)
especially with children under one. or with many... like you both.
This to shall pass. :)
Just hang in there. ;0
Love you.. waiting for more. :)