Thursday, February 3, 2011

February ALREADY!!

WOW.  Although I'm saying 'where did January go?' for once it felt like, as nutty as it was, it kind of went by a little slower than what seems to be the norm.  That's a little refreshing!  I caught myself self several times, as a matter of fact, thinking, "Wow, still xx (time) before we're at the end of the month."  So on I went with my business of that day.

Being in the moment has definitely been one of my lovely lessons over the past several months here.  Something I have not been very good at being, but am trying so hard to remember each step of the way!  This past month, we enjoyed just time at home.  As much as we were on the go, I try to balance out time for Emma at home without car seat days :)  I feel like she just gets fed up being in there when it's too much on the go.

What feels like it's been 'extended' time has really allowed for me to work on my scripture memorization, focus on prayer in certain areas and working on home projects.  Even the days themselves have felt like Emma's sleeping for extended periods of time (1-3 hours, mainly 2 hour naps!!) allows for recouping if we had an early AM feeding time, time in the Word, opportunities for reaching out to people I haven't been in touch with in months, organization in life and trying to create a new 'schedule'.

It's crazy to realize how much God has changed in me since last January.  I'm not so 'gotta have a plan' and 'gotta STICK to the plan'.  I have to admit that sometimes I feel like, "OK lets get some kind of structure here" and it's working, but it's been fun to learn to be OK with things being a little fluid and me just going with the flow.

Seriously.  that is for those of you that know me for the last 31 years of my life and haven't been around me much this 32 year;0  I'm totally serious!


Now that I've been posting some-what regularly, and just about always including photos, I have used up all my automatic free space, SO I'm in the process of getting and learning a new route to post photos.  I look forward to sharing recent ones soon!  Have a terrific day!

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NANI said...

Do you have to start paying after a time???
So glad that you can relax and live in the moment.

God bless you today. :)