Sunday, February 19, 2012


So, I'm lagging just slightly on finishing the posts from Indiana!  Arg....

BACKGROUND: i'm a project nut apparently.  And when I'm determined to finish something, I get one-track-minded (which is kinda nice to know I'm not always ADD;0)...SO...I have a couple of projects for the fam coming up, and I was determined to be done with my own projects first, so I can feel a little free when doing theirs.

I have 1 down...and I would share but it's a gift for someone that I don't want to spoil it ;0...and I'm also on a kick of finishing Emma's first year journal/book.  Long story about that to be saved for another time...BUT i'm like THIS CLOSE to being done with that one and I cannot put my attention anywhere else in the meanwhile.

SO...all that to say, no pics yet ;0

SO (I think I should win an award for the amount of times I type the word SO in a given post ;0)...I thought I'd share a new little delight that I"m actually in the process of baking right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how I stumbled on this blog, but man check it out!  They have amazing fonts (free!) and tons of neat stuff.  Kevin & Amanda.  AND THIS RECIPE!!  

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

If you click on to the sight they get their choc chip recipe from, they did fun stuff with this that inspired me ;0 As if this photo above doesn't do it for you?! :)........My rendition?  MINI PEANUT BUTTER CUPS.  Truth be told, I tried both recipes.  the Lava ones were yum.  BUT.  PB Cups hit the spot.  I made them for a dinner night when we had our life group over and they all agreed as well apparently.  They started to cut these in half to see which filling was which, and I had about 5 chocolate ones left and NO PBC's!

Just finished a warm one out of the oven with a little thrifty's vanilla ice cream.  enjoy your Sunday night!  Will try to post something soon!

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