Monday, February 27, 2012

December Part II - Indiana (part I)

is that (post title) confusing enough?!  To explain: we spent the second half of our trip in Indiana.  And there will be multiple posts from this part of the trip as well (can I milk it anymore?!)...just want to share plenty without overwhelming a single post with photos is all...see I'm looking out for you ;0
(btw - i'm intermixing some of connie's pics in here b/c seems like we never had our cameras out at the same time!) 

Precious reading times...
Emma's first bowl of cereal!  (admittedly, I was afraid to give her any thinking it was automatic mess due to milk, but girl handled herself well and it's now part of our breakfast repertoire;0)
...and she LOVES ;0
Emma loves nothing more than attention...and loves to be chased...and the kids loved chasing her around!
She started doing this fun laugh during our trip and Connie caught it here!  I think it's when she's SUPER excited about something that she saves this laugh for.
twinsies ;0  ...and I think Tyson's ready for another girl ;0
famous 'fishy lips' that aunt connie taught her ;0
the two newest babes and mama's of the clan ;0
games are a must with the Boyds!
My little reader...I think she found herself a peaceful spot...she loved looking out this door and we found she'd moved the chair here and was enjoying her new elmo book ;0
Popi was wiped out ;0
I love our family ;0  We had too much fun each evening...this one in particular, we were playing games and Dennis decided to have a taste test of his 3 cows he'd just had butchered
he numbered the plates and we discussed the taste after each; comparing...
although this was #1, I think it was pretty unanimous that we all preferred #3 ;0

So...I will cut photos off here ;0  yeah for December in pics in late February.  We miss you ALL so incredibly much!  Our time together was far too short. Sigh.  Y'all will just have to hurry up and move to Cali already ;0

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Cathy/Nani said...

Fun memories. :) Can't wait to make more. :)
Have a blessed reunion with your hubby.