Friday, February 3, 2012

the Boyds at the BEACH...did I mention it was in December?!

Am I rubbing in too much in these 4 Florida posts that we enjoyed some fabulous weather the first couple of weeks in December?! :) SORRY!  Just keep in mind I'm vitamin D deficient and it was good for my health-aches, pains, raynauds- to experience the sunshine in the middle of yucky CA weather ;0. There, does that make it better? :)

Monday afternoon, we picked up Thomas for lunch and decided to head to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first, Em wasn't too sure how to feel about the sand in her toes...

I can almost hear Justin saying, "Come on Emma, lets go!"
...and go we did.  The kiddos loved playing in the sand...

and good mama Steph played with Justin :)

Tyler took Em out to feel the water...
didn't taker her too long to LOVE it!! (pic look familiar?!)

I remembered how much Cathy loved the pic of her boys with their babes in SF, so I tried to get her another one here ;0
family photo commemorating our first beach trip AELB (after Em;0)
I had to get a shot of Steph and I.  FINALLY.  By this point, we'd already been together for 9 or 10 days and shared many experiences, laughs (that hurt your cheeks you laugh so hard), memories...and chai's ;0
To know my sweet sister, is to know all about chai ;0  and if you don't know what they are, click here.  If you'd like to try a stephanie-nap-in-a-cup, click here (for info on her fave - although I don't know if hers is spiced or vanilla!)  I wish I could share all the fun stories...but no photos to spur them on, and frankly, I'm thinking if you weren't there, you wouldn't care ;0...back to our day at the beach.

SO, my beauty at the beach - mama wanted an adorable pic to remember this memory! ...and I think I got a few ;0

here's a little slide show of a few pics we snapped away while she was posing on her belly ;0

Thomas had to get back to work, so we headed back...just as some clouds started to roll in.  Just in time to grab a chai and head back home...wish we could have spent more time there, with Tyler, and that we could meet at the e-bar at least once a week!  Seriously.  A trip to remember ;)  

Next post, Indiana!  Stay tuned....

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Cathy/Nani said...

Have a sweet sandy Emma Screen saver. :)
So cute. Looks like a good time. someday.. beach for all of us. :)
Thanks for the update.