Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're growing!

Well, we're in to week 16 and the size of an avocado :) ...and I felt my first fluttering over the weekend and then again yesterday morning! I know some may think it's too early to feel it - but it was it! I felt the flutter on Crystal's (niece, not sis-in-law!) belly, and it was the same thing! Super exciting :)

There have been a few good days sneaking in between the bad days, and praising God for each of those.

Anyway, just thought we'd be silly and have fun with an avocado tonight :)


NANI said...

AWWW. I love your little avocado baby. ;) Love the Daddy and the Mommy too. ;)
Glad you can feel the flutter. I'm sure it's not gas.

Aunt Nell said...

yeahh! I love avacados and I love your little one!!! ;) You guys are so cute!! HAppy Easter! Hope you are feeling good!! <3 you!