Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 years

Isn't it funny how the most random thing will remind you of something else? All of a sudden today I was very aware that it was St Patrick's day...and I was remembering a friend's birthday and the fun outings we've had on these nights. On the way home from work all of a sudden I remembered that it was 4 years ago today that my dad had his surgery to remove the breast cancer.

I remember my emails that I sent out asking for prayer...and that I wasn't sure who prayed and who didn't but I sure was hopeful the people I was sending would if nothing else say a quick prayer for my dad as they read my email. There was ONE person I was sure I knew that he prayed... my sweet Tyler...or as I became to call him 8 months after this day, my sweet angel :).

It's a sweet memory that I have that, as I was in the hospital waiting room with my family, Tyler texted me during the day to check in and see how the surgery was gone/had gone.

I love that, even though the two never met, I have many memories that tie the two together. My two men that mean the most to me :) I know my dad would just love Tyler and be very proud of us in what we've built together as our life and what we've accomplished...all thanks to the Lord's guidance, blessings and provision.

It was fun to just let that random memory thought generate in my mind this evening...and so comforting to know that I have the love of the man that I felt most comforted by when we barely knew each other.

Ok sharing time over :) Have a good night.



aw. what a sweet memory...Tyler is such a great guy and you two together make me happy!:)

Aunt Nell said...

yeahh for fun memories like this one! So sweet. Tyler is an amazing guy! Excited to come over tomorrow!!!!! <3 you 3!!