Saturday, March 6, 2010

For the Boyds

Cathy - I wanted to show you these pics right away!

After work yesterday, Crystal, Jason and the boys arrived! As many of you know, Uncle Tyler and Aunt Connie don't really have toys :) (not yet anyway, give us a year or so, right?!) While wrestling and a few things we put together were able to entertain for a while...we also remembered the great shirts we worked on in Indiana over Christmas!!

They came in quite handy for a little coloring time :)

Here are the boy's final products for round 1. They're excited to be able to wash them and pick new colors.


Aunt Nell said...

Those turned out great. So fun to change it everytime!! ;)

NANI said...

Hey.. Connie.. I just finally looked here.. I am so bad. :) anyhow.. thanks for the great pictures.. glad that the boys had fun with them. :) :) YEAH TYLER> you are awesome.
It was a good Idea.. right:??? ;)