Saturday, February 27, 2010

Teresa's 60th Bday

SO....there's so much to write about - what's going on now, catching up from the end of last year and what's happened in between.

Since we last posted a recent pic :) (isn't it a cutie!?!) I thought I'd go back to updating the fam on pics from my mom's surprise 60th bday party.

we got a pinata - and tyler was our stuffer :)

my mom had decided to change her plans for that morning several
while we were waiting out in our cars, we got a call that we had time to run in to the
house and wait for her inside instead!

we kept it small - immediate family only since 1. immediate fam is large :)
and 2. my mom was still feeling a little social anxiety so we were trying to keep
the crowd to a minimum.

cake to match the cute invites that we made for her

there's always dancing when the fam gets together :)

tio beto and tia marie posing in a cute sibling pic...

we tried to get a picture of her with each are a couple of shots (for the others, see the link at the end of the post).

time for the pinata... (paige is looking at terema like....are you really going to hit it?! :) ) of the kids finally broke it! and all the kids rushed for the candy...

our attempt at a family picture for the day (although not everyone is in it. Missing alex and jess)
...chris and paige were quite photogenic that day - they had their own photo shoot (you can see all their pics in the link below)

in addition to this day being set aside for my mom's surprise was also the day my cousin left to go back to mexico ;( ...and we also attended a funeral of one of my dearest friend's dad. so we had to change, of course, and decided to take a pic by the Christmas tree before changing back in to relax clothes.

...and here we are LATER that evening...Tyler was pooped - it was a long day.

here's mom with her two bros

us girls with mom. it sure did seem like she had a great time on this day and her whole bday weekend...since her actual bday was the following monday, she celebrated for 3 days :) there were about 300 pics taken this day, and while there are quite a few here :)
If you'd like to see the rest, click here.

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