Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're back...for a week or two :)

Ahh...we're BACK! What a week it was. Tyler worked like a mad man just about around the clock. I did get some rest but am super exhausted.

While I did start the week nauseous as can be, Saturday - Monday I was A-OK! Just a hungry girl :) And ever since we arrived at the airport on Tuesday I've been nauseous non-stop. YAY. Great sign for baby growth...not so fun for me who didn't get up from her desk but twice at work today and is laying in bed every other moment of yesterday and today :) Tomorrow we'll get to go to an orientation through Kaiser, and we'll get to make our first official appt with the Dr. We'll keep y'all posted on that.

So...a little bit about Connie: I am a super star-struck kind of person. Not sure why. When driving through LA I'm looking in every car to spot celebs :) This past summer, I learned from Julie that Regina King is a coach of one of our so cal team's that comes to our events. On Sunday, as I was heading back stage for something, I spotted her walking down the hallway - I freaked out and radio'd anyone listening!! When I was up in my area, our 'VIP' coach check-in, the Coordinator of the league she's a part of said 'We're going to bring Regina up' was happy hour time, and during that time my job is to hang with coaches, get them drinks, and just hang out. WELL....Regina ended up in line behind me at one point. And when the person I was standing with walked away, she got right next to me to order her drink. We shared words...not much, then we were standing in a group and had a small group convo...and I let her be. I guess she's usually walking around with her hood up so that no one will bug her, so I didn't want to be that person. THEN, I told some friends of mine, 'hey did you see Regina King, she's right behind us'...a few minutes later, after I returned back to my table to check on the others working, my buddies were standing up next to her taking a picture with her... and then the went to get me and walked me right up to her - OH BOY was I excited. So here's my pic!

I was so nervous I didn't put my juice mix down the bartender made for me :) Oh well. This woman looks great on screen - but in person she is beautiful! And a lot more petite than I'd thought. Anyway, I'm still tickled about it. I spent the rest of the day telling everyone about my encounter. And yes, as much as I rambled and gave a play-by-play, I did leave out a lot of details :) ..........I just had to share my celeb sighting! It has been added to my collection :)

So, we're back - leaving again on the 17 or 18th...Hopefully I'll get a little caught up on some picture posting :) Especially if I'm spending this much time laying in bed :) Praise God for my amazing husband that attends to me!


Aunt Nell said...

yeahhhh! Glad you are sick (for the baby's sake) but sorry you are sick (for your sake) :/ Praying for you 3!!! BTW......who is Regina King??? The name doesnt ring a bell......cute foto though!!

<3 you. Happy Vday weekend!

Aunt Nell said...

did you get my email!?!??! Let me know when you guys r free and available! :)