Monday, March 22, 2010

Fave pics from the weekend

Well, I was a sick puppy laying on the couch since Friday after work. I only got up for Cora's bday party on Saturday night and church on Sunday :)

I was just playing around with some of the bday pics and thought I'd share a few of my fave's! I'll post more later ;)

doesn't my husband look even more handsome with a child in his arms?! :) This is Miles...his new found buddy that he's been holding every time we're around Brent and Meg!

the adorable birthday girl. i just loved the look on her face here

loved this father-daughter shot!



If I could see his face, i would say yes. But, his eye looks VERY handsome indeed.:) I cannot wait til its YOUR baby in his arms.:)
Morning sickness again??

Aunt Nell said...

love your new look ;) How do you make a sweet background like this? Love the TCBY n foto too!! :) Sweet fotos. Good to see you guys there. Sorry about the sickness :(