Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower just a couple of weeks ago...and just a heads up to those wondering, it sounds like baby Isaiah will be making his way soon!

this is the invite that Tyler and I made :)

...and we had fun with the decorations :)

the mama to be (posing for another camera, but we grabbed a shot of it too)

the daddy to be walking by...

here's Lila having fun with her boys :)

Isaiah will be the first of the next generation in our family!

the first time grandma

the first time great-grandma
the first time great-great-grandma
...and Tia Connie :)...who is now assured to have 2 other little ones (crystal's and jessica's) to play with our little one. it's going to be fun to have 3 new additions to our family all in one year.

Auntie Shirley was heading up the games

and there were a ton of gifts to open up!!

We'll keep ya posted on when the baby comes! He's starting to make his way today!

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Aunt Nell said...

aww your niece is GORGEOUS!! I couldnt keep my eyes off of them both while we were at your moms. They have beautiful skin, hair n nails.....must run in your fam! ;) Her and her man are cute. Excited for their baby to come!! Congrats...auntie??? great aunt??? anyway. Congrats!! :)